Sasha and Pete

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Our Story

We met on a blustery cold evening in January 2015, after messaging on OkCupid. Sasha cancelled the first date (she was hungry when she made this decision) but luckily Pete gave her a second chance. The temperature on the night of the first date was was around 5 degrees and Sasha was tempted to cancel again but, fortunately for Pete, she threw on her sleeping bag-like winter jacket and made it out the door.

We started dating and getting to know one another by strolling, running, and walking dogs in Prospect Park; eating ethnic food, seeing Cirque du Soleil, and enjoying outdoor adventures. As we spent more time together, we both knew that life was better together.

As months passed, Sasha adjusted to basement life, trying to remember to turn off the lights when leaving a room, recycling, and receiving surprise food treats. Pete adjusted to eggs in his formerly vegan fridge, having his belongings "put away" for him, and a sleeping beauty in the bed (until noon on most weekends).

Since the first date, we have camped in Alaska, hiked in Colorado, dove in St. Croix, and cruised in the Mediterranean. On these trips we found that Sasha can handle Pete's high maintenance vegan diet and Pete can handle Sasha's equally high maintenance morning routine.

In February 2017, Pete decided it was time to put a ring on it. Pete orchestrated a surprise engagement day that started with a proposal in Prospect Park, to his delight, Sasha said "Yes!" Then Pete whisked Sasha to the bar where they'd had their first date to be surprised by their patiently awaiting families. Last but not least, Pete told Sasha that it was time for brunch but instead directed her to a local spot for an afternoon of drinking and celebrating with friends and family from near and far.

We're so excited to start the next phase of our lives together and can't wait to celebrate with y'all in May!!!
Amy Kross